Born Slippy [Music A to Z Challenge #U - Underworld & UXU kalhus]

Step by step (from post to post) I am reaching the final stretch of Music A to Z Challenge created by @psos :)

For the letter "U" I thought I couldn't remember any good song, but...once again I was wrong! I've selected Underworld and a portuguese band UXU kalhus!

When I opened a web search finder and entered "U artist"..I immediately saw "Underworld", and despite not knowing their music in detail, the "Born Slippy" marked an important moment in my life: The first time I went out at night to a disco!! Oh yeah!! I don't remember how old I was, just that I was under 15 and it was during summer vacation. Obviously I went with my cool aunt Fernanda!! This was the song I enjoyed most that night :)

It seems I was not the only one picking up this song, right @rmach!? (Music A to Z challenge #U - My choices: Underworld and UB40)

UXU kalhus is a portuguese folk group whose sound is somewhere between fusion and world music. They sang in portuguese and often make folk versions of traditional portuguese music, which makes me go in a journey to my childhood.
I also recommend the "Saia da Carolina" which is usually taught to young kids at school, but I found out it can have a double meaning, making it a cheeky song too ;) The song mentions the skirt of Carolina and a lizard tail which might be associated with man's arousal.

Hope you enjoy it too!!

If you want to join the challenge, use the hashtag #a-zmusic!

"I see my life in terms of music...I get most joy in life out of music - Albert Einstein

This quote resumes why I'm enjoying this new challenge so much!

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