Bubbles [Music A to Z Challenge #Y - Yosi Horikawa & Yeah Yeah Yeahs]

You will love it, or you will hate it!! One of my choices for the Music A to Z Challenge created by @psos has this ambiguity

For the letter "Y" I've selected Yosi Horikawa and Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Do you know Spotify suggested albums that help you to test the sound system?
That was how I found this music!!

I had good headphones and this song was pure magic for my hears. As I said, you may love it, or you may hate it. But you must agree that this sound is way different from all the rest!! As you may have already noticed, I love this tune!!
As far as I could understand, Yosi Horikawa is a sound engineer that loves to go out and record nature sounds which he later uses to produce his pieces of music.
I totally recommend it!!

This Fever to Tell album has great songs. When I listened to it for the first time, I became somewhat addicted to it :) Anyway, "Maps" and "Y control" are my two favorite songs. I picked "Y Control" to share as it is a powerful and vibrant song to wake us up in the morning :)

Hope you enjoy it too!!

If you want to join the challenge, use the hashtag #a-zmusic!

"I see my life in terms of music...I get most joy in life out of music - Albert Einstein

This quote resumes why I'm enjoying this new challenge so much!

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