Crystalised [Music A to Z Challenge #X - The XX & Xutos e Pontapés]

Here's my new entry for the Music A to Z Challenge created by @psos.

For the letter "X" I've selected The XX and the most known rock Portuguese band...Xutos e Pontapés.


  • The XX - Crystalised (Hooked on Colette - 2009

    I used to listen to this album in 2010 and Crystalised was my favorite song for a long time! But now that I'm listening again, I'm reminding the entire album has great pieces of music. Tomorrow I'll try to listen to it while driving :) I had the chance to assist to a live concert of The XX in Optimis Alive 2010 (as far as I recall). It seems it was in another lifetime...and it was! :D

The poem in this song is so (but so) beautiful and powerful, at least for us portuguese :)
It talks about a wheel man that goes alone in the night, and a light in the dark shines ahead and obfuscates the rest. Despite all the difficulties, there it goes the one who fears nothing else, it's the wheel man!! In one word: Hope! It is what this music gives me :D

Hope you enjoy it too!!

If you want to join the challenge, use the hashtag #a-zmusic!

"I see my life in terms of music...I get most joy in life out of music - Albert Einstein

This quote resumes why I'm enjoying this new challenge so much!

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