I feel you [Music A to Z Challenge #D - Dave Matthews Band & Depeche Mode]

Here we go again with a musical choice, this time started with "D".

It's the new Music A to Z Challenge!!
One just needs to share two artists/ bands starting in A...until we get the Z :) It's a daily mental exercise!

It is difficult for me to pick only one song by Dave Matthews Band, I do love their guitars and had the pleasure to see their concert in Lisbon last year. My selection went to "Everyday" has it was the first that I've heard and led me to discover the band :D

  • Depeche Mode - I feel you

    I can't say much about the '80s as I always was a huge fan of the '90s grunge...but "I feel you" by Depeche Mode has a really enjoyable vibe, makes me want to dance :D


If you want to join the challenge, use the hashtag #a-zmusic!

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