Signs of Love [Music A to Z Challenge #M - Mari Boine & Moby]

I really love theMusic A to Z Challenge. It makes me virtually dive into Spotify searching for artists or bands that were important in some stage of my life, and for some reason I stopped listening to and eventually forgot to listen.

For the letter M I have these two great artists:

  • Mari Boine - Sáráhka viina (Sáráhka's wine)

    Mari Boine is a Norwegian Sami musician known for adding jazz and rock to the joiks of her native people. Sami, or Lapps/ Laplanders, are a Finno-Ugric people inhabiting Sápmi, which today encompasses large northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula within the Murmansk Oblast of Russia. This song has the traditional Sami yoik style, which is unique and beautiful!

  • Moby - Signs of Love

    What can I say about Moby?! That he's a music genius!?
    Moby is an American musician, singer, songwriter and producer. He was one of the most important figures in electronic dance music in the '90s. Sold 20 million records worldwide, including Play (1999) which remains his highest-selling album with 12 million copies sold. In 2002 he released 18 that has great songs, like Signs of Love.

These two songs have the power to inspire me hope.

'Hope' you enjoy it too!!

If you want to join the challenge, use the hashtag #a-zmusic!

"I see my life in terms of music...I get most joy in life out of music - Albert Einstein

This quote resumes why I'm enjoying this new challenge so much!

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