Vejam bem [Music A to Z Challenge #Z - Zero 7 & Zeca Afonso]

Today is the day!!
I share two artists started in Z for the Music A to Z Challenge created by @psos. I made it, even taking some time in between my posts :)

For the letter "Z" I'm pleased to have selected Zero 7 and...a portuguese artist that in one month would be completing 91 years old, if he was still alive...Zeca Afonso!!

  • Zero 7 - Destiny (Simple Things - 2001)

    This song was released in Zero 7 debut album Simple Things. I do not get tired of it, which for me is the evidence of a great song :D Well, I had a bit of help to find it, as it was part of the sountrack of the Garden State ;)

This song is way older than me but it is still great and up to date:)

Zeca Afonso is an icon in Portugal!
He liked to use politics in his music as a symbol of resistance against the dictatorial regime of Oliveira Salazar. He was able to release these songs during that period and was an inspiration to many. I like a lot of this song "Vejam bem" despite a bit melancholic, I understand it as a message of hope by saying:

"Vejam bem
que não há só gaivotas em terra
quando um homem se põe a pensar"

This can be translated as something like:

there are not only seagulls on land
when a man starts to think..."

In Portugal we have a popular saying "Gaivotas em terra tempestade no mar" that could be simply translated as "Seagulls ashore storm at sea" which means, if seagulls are landed on the beach than there must be a storm in the sea. This expression is used mainly when things are quit calm but we know there are problems ahead.

When Zeca Afonso in his lyrics says "Vejam bem que não há só gaivotas em terra quando um homem se põe a pensar" he must be saying that if we think a bit more we may notice there is more than just seagulls on land, or by other words, more than problems to face, ad the act of thinking/ reflecting is the way to solve those issues.

Such a sweet and inspiring song to end my journey through this #A-Z Music challenge!!

Hope you enjoy it too!!

If you want to join the challenge, use the hashtag #a-zmusic!

"I see my life in terms of music...I get most joy in life out of music - Albert Einstein

This quote resumes why I'm enjoying this new challenge so much!

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