Amazing Deers


When visiting the zoo this summer I stopped for little longer to watch the deer family. These graceful animals are among my favourate.


There are many species around the world but in Bulgaria there are three types - red deer, fallow deer and roe deer.

The male deers with their antlers are very attractive and they know that.


It was interesting to watch what these two male deers were up to. It was like love triangle.


Hm, it was going to be a scandal.


The doe, very clever, decided to move away.


Let the fight begin.



While the two male deers were using their antlers to show who has supremacy, the female seemed to pay no attention at all.


She even moved further away leaving the male deers to fight. But was she? See on the next photo how she turned her head back.


It took little while for the fighters to decide to stop and part.


Some kind of gentlemen agreement.


I am no expert of animal behaviour and this little fight was just an interpration of what I thought they were doing. But looking at the next photo, it is like - it is not over, mate.


And that was all, each one on its way.


It was interesting to watch this little scene. The strongest usually will dominate and will be the alpha male who will pass the stronger genes to the future generations. The nature has developed the mechanism of survival which is really amazing. Did I say amazing? It is because this post is for the #amazingnature by @adalger. Also it is a bit late for the #moosemonday by @shasta.


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