Sporting Bets You Wished You Were Part Of


I am no gambler and also someone who rarely places a bet. There is no such thing as a sure thing and the bigger the odds the higher the risk factors. most of the big payout bets you could kick yourself afterwards for not doing them but they are that rare and is the only reason why you hear about them. Plenty of muppets lose their shirt and pants on these crazy bets hoping for an upset.

One lucky winner in England had the biggest odds ever recorded and won. The bet was for an accumulator at 2.8 Million to 1.There may be others bigger, but there are no records proving this. The bet was an accumulator which covered 8 races and his horses chosen had to win each race for him to scoop the winnings which he did.

The terrible part of the bet is he only placed 50 pence on his bet which meant only 1.4 Million Pounds was to be paid and worse was to follow. The fine print only allowed for a maximum payout of 1 Million Pounds. Technically then his bet was at 2 Million to one and not bad for only 50 Pence.
Not a true fan as he said only to be top at Christmas.Still 1000/1 is decent with a 5 Pound bet.

Recently we had Leicester City win the premiership and they were at 5000/1 and you could say were more than just outsiders but more like no hopers with no chance. The bookies were trying to limit their losses and tried to persuade anyone with bets to come forward early for an early payout with slightly reduced odds. Some obviously did as they ended up paying out just over 14 Million to the lucky punters.
Not great odds as the 5000/1 odds have all disappeared.

If we look at the odds today on the Premiership betting firms have learnt their lesson and there are no more crazy 5000/1 long shots available. A few years ago another betting firm paid out early on Manchester United winning the league only for them to slip up and leave the betting firm with a lot of explaining and embarrassment. Nothing is a sure thing even when you might think it is as there are so many outside influences that could change anything at any time. My money stays firmly in my pocket as it is hard enough to earn without giving it away.