Eat more so I got energy to lose weight?

There's this place near my house, by the name of Brew House. Why such a name? Its simple, it's supposed to be a pub, and luckily they also have a fire kitchen license to operate as a full scake restaurant, hence forth during the movement control order period, they're able to operate despite all the beer house got shut down.

So, let's try with their first dish, chicken chop. If you notice the portion is super huge. Not to mention there's a huge stash of fries and salad. The taste is quite amazing. Blackpapper sauce wasn't too spicy. Chicken is soft, but somehow lack of "taste"? I guess they need a little more time for marinate? Not too sure about it, but the kid weren't eating fast enough. Doesn't taste that good after it was colder. Portion is huge and well worth for less than 15 bucks!

LazyMom ordered a plate of curry bowl. The spices in that curry bowl is very appealing, and upun the curry pot is served, we all can smell it from the the curry and the smell signalling our brain, time to scope that rice, put a little bit of those curry broth and start eating. Amazing all the way from top to bottom, feeling wanted to add some water into the bowl and drink from it.

And I got myself a plate of Japanese curry porkshop rice. The curry broth wasn't really spicy though, it has some cinnamon fragrant to it. A stash of carrot and potatoes boiled in curry borth to company with a big bowl of rice in the plate, this dish is definitely going to drive you nuts by just trying to finish it.

And finally, the youngest kid ordered a pizza margerita, regular 12 inches size, and he finishes 3/4 of the Pizza. Consider pretty amazing with his small body. And all 4 sets came with a scope of ice cream and a cup of ice lemon tea. In total, we paid less than 70 bucks(Ringgit Malaysia yo, that's like $15?). Sinfuliciously satisfying for the price we paid, but I guess now I will have to add another 10km for my next training. Pfffffft