[tupid diary] Faith & astrology

The recent few days has been extremely busy, as if pile of work melting lava on me, added with much challenges I'm facing, and it seriously disturbing my rests.

I'm still doing my daily workout routine, posting it to 3speak. It's not about the upvote, but I know for a fact that if I get some sort of upvote, I will be more than happy to do that more often. Nevertheless, a promise is a promise, I wanted to be healthier and LOOK healthier this year, and LOOK can be very subjective. I don't know how you see me if you tell me I looked alright and does not need a new image, because at this stage the only motivation that keeps me doing working is because of a commitment to make a video and post it.

I had a really challenging day in Monday, and Yesterday night were alright as I reached home before 8, where I still have some time to be the company of my kids, and also play with the computer. And came LazyMom ask me to watch some fengshui thing that might drive me a better year ahead.the entire comment were like talking about how much good thus year can bring me, except one big drawback, which is my health may be on the deficit side. So many bombastic comment that drive me up the wall and so many possible good things can happen to me! I don't really care, I'm rather bothered by my forehead growing to the north now. What could go wrong if I have no budget on medical treatment? I will bite whatever that comes, or I can start to save some for rainy days.

After reading all those material and stuff, suddenly a very neural linguistic way of program started to ring inside my head. To take action. You see, I realize there are astrologist that really makes your life better, not what I said is entirely truth, but ask those who believe in it, they will tell you exactly how astrology had helped them.

To me, astrology is like the Oracle in Matrix. I think the astrology stuff does exist, but the outcome is always individual driven perspective. Which ultimately, turned into faith. Dude, god doesn't want to know why we make that decision, we are the one who responsible for the things we have said and done. Had I not knowing the Astro stuff, my life could still go on without considering the things that I have absorbed from those astrologist.

Astrology has only tell us what a general idea of this year may affect which type of people with what kind of attitude. In the end, there's no date and time and or specific situation with who in the scenario and where it take place.

So, why faith has always become a victim? That's because we have always been pushing every Tom dick and harry responsibilities to THE faith. You can only say it's faith when someone met an accident and died. You'll be asking why he went out at that time, what could have been turnout if that accident didn't take place? Go watch Final Destination.

By the way, I didn't put the title as TUPID, somehow the S suddenly went missing before I publish this post, and I decided to let faith decide how many would answer to my post. But again, if I have an S on it, will it make any difference? Let's see how many of you read until this point and prove me faith is just a over exaggerated word. One can have all the good numbers they make in life, multiply it with 0, imagine what could be the answer? The multiplier is your faith. It's tupid, but I think I got the idea just about right.