Looking Back/Look Forward #ccc 2.24/ Market Friday by @dswigle

It's time to think of things something to look back that I won't forget my whole life through. We have no today and tomorrow if we didn't pass our yesterday. Perhaps our life will just end up today and there will be no tomorrow, but yesterday is always there. We may live our life for only today but we also need a room in our heart and mind for tomorrow.

I made this post for two intentions, intended for @wakeupkitty and @dswigle.

To begin with, it is about the place I won't forget. As we remember, we are barred from going outside on shopping without our employers most especially when I was so fresh in my employment here in Saudi Arabia. I was then a young woman at 28 and my employer was afraid for my safety. Later on, I gained their trust and I need to go to a certain place by covering myself. My body will be covered with a piece of cloth that looked like a gown, a black dress called abaya. And I must cover my face and has a hole for my eyes only. In this way, I am already safe from intruders outside.

For you to know, when you don't respect their traditional way and dress code here, you will be bullied and men will disrespect you. I can't show even the tip of my hair. So it must be covered and we can do all what we want outside safely.

The first time I went outside doing this was like a horrible day of my life. I was not comfortable at all going to the market like this.

This is the way how I dress up going to the market or somewhere outside my employer's house.

Though I was wearing this, there was a time I was walking then someone holds my butt quickly riding a motorcycle. I got mad and reported to the police nearby. I described that bastard man and apprehended on the other road they passed by. That was my very bad experienced while going to buy something in the market. Today, nobody dares to touch me or talk to me anymore.

Those are things I looked back when I was new and now it's time for my latest life going to the market.
This is the nearest 20 minutes walk grocery store from my employer's house. It looks so small as we see the entrance but it has a big area inside. Everything we need, we have it here.

Before it was just a little grocery store but it improving to a big one.

They have basic vegetables needed a kitchen every day. So we do not need to drive for an hour buying in the wet market.

If we need something to fix at home, they also have it and even school supplies unlike before.

Name a cake or biscuits you want, we can choose it here.

Yogurt and juices tempting me to buy one of any kind. But my money budget is limited.

Do you love fresh milk, here is it. I don't like it, it will make me more chubby.

Just keep on capturing what inside the grocery.

Roaming around and round getting some stuff.

I need soda drinks and for my toilet cleansing materials.

My best appetizers made from the Philippines.

Everything I took a picture for my steemit compilation and post for the @dswigle Friday market initiative.

Along the way, I passed all this place.

A restaurant where only men can dine inside.

Car wash and car shop along the high way. I keep on taking photographs around.

This is a tailor shop.

The road was under repair.

The bookstore near our house.

Reflections on the glass wall, we can see the hotel and a clinic on the other side.

If we need medicine, there is a near pharmacy which we can see below the hotel rooms.

The corner from our house going to the grocery who is under repair.

Done going buying some stuff while just walking alone on the street. And here I arrive safely at home. This is the home of my employer and considered as my home too.

Thank you for walking with me from my Friday market until my way back home.

Something to look forward, one day I will be making my Friday market on the other side of the horizon. I wanna explore many things in my life and share it with my best friend @wakeupkitty.

Before I end up my post today, I would like to extend my gratitude to @dswigle for sending me tokens in my wallet last week through @tipu. So much appreciated and thank you for making steemit a better place with generous people around.

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