Looking Back/Look Forward #ccc 2.27 by @wakeupkitty/ What does today December 20, means to me #ccc 2.28 by @freedomshift

Looking back from the best experienced I had during my childhood when we had a Christmas caroling. We did it at night going from mountain to mountain peak singing Christmas song and neighbors gave us money. Every night we did it as a group. We had a purpose for a church community in our barangay. We enjoyed and the simplest happiness being a child from the mountain.

But, there was a bad experienced we had when we went to the house where the dog had just given birth to her puppies and she never recognized us. When we began singing "SILENT NIGHT", the calmness of the night turned into a very scary night shouting, crying, running without direction. Just imagine @wakeupkitty how you describe children running in the mountain with no light but only the moonlight. We had lamps, filled with kerosene but in that situation, nobody dares to light it up. We ran to a different location and I found myself on the top of the coconut tree, my friend locked herself to the toilet with poops unflushed but she just closed her nose rather than bitten by the wild dogs. Some were found in the neighborhood house crying. And the worst of all, our earning was gone! It was dropped from the wallet of my friend who kept the money.

Thank God! the owner of the house and dogs arrived from another house and stopped the dog from barking and running toward us. They tied up the dogs and asked an apology to us. They removed the rope tied to the dogs before leaving because they went away from home. So funny nightmares happened during our Christmas carol.

On your side, who among you experienced like we had? Share it here and join the Looking back and look forward initiative by @wakeupkitty in @team-ccc.

This picture was taken the night of my arrival in our town plaza. I was sleepless from a long trip but it didn't stop me going to our restored town plaza that was devastated with 7.9 earthquakes last 2013.

What I have been looking forward?

I wanna make a group of senior citizens int place like and do again our Christmas caroling. Let us see who will survive when there will be a dog running toward us.

Seriously, I wanna be home again most especially today. My mother is in serious condition. I am so afraid we never see each other again. But I entrust everything to the Lord! I supposed to attend the 50th Golden Anniversary of my parents but... I just say Thank you, Lord, for all of those years until now they are still loving each other. Golden years they shared ups and down is a great proof of their love.

Today is my deceased husband birthday, we just stayed together for 7 years with our only son and 7 years away from him, he died. This coming December 27 will be his 15 years death anniversary.

I would like to submit this also for @freedomshift initiative #ccc 2.28.
That's all folks!

Life is too short, it is better than a long life full of misery. I am not complaining, I accepted the challenge ever since my life has begun.

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