China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-06-30

English news:

Hong Kong security law revealed – violators may face life imprisonment

"The full text of Beijing’s controversial legislation for the city was only revealed on Tuesday night, hours after it passed at China’s top legislature"

--- Well, at least they published the text before the law came into force, a full 1 hour early. More than enough time for law enforcement to study it.
Just kidding. HK cops & administration haven't cared for the letter of the law for a long time now. It's a police state & they do whatever they want.
More worrying is the effect on HK judiciary & jurisdiction, which still had been somewhat independent.

"Acts of secession, subversion, terrorism or collusion with foreign forces will carry a minimum of 10 years and maximum of life in prison"

--- Which will be interpreted very freely by law enforcement. Even the law itself is rather generous:

"Arson and vandalising public transport with an intent to intimidate the Hong Kong government or Chinese government for political purposes will constitute acts of terrorism"

--- So, if you tag a tram, you can be considered a terrrorist.

"the pro-independence Studentlocalism group and the Hong Kong National Front said they would cease local operations but continue work overseas"

--- Won't help much. The worst part is that in article 38 the law states that all such acts are "illegal", no matter where in the world they are committed.
&, since I am rather vocal in my criticism of Chinese & HK officials, I probably should never go to HK again.
Fuck you, emperor Xi!

Hong Kong security law: Life sentences for breaking China-imposed law

"Decisions made by the national security commission, set up by local authorities, cannot be challenged legally
China also says it will take over prosecution in cases which are considered "very serious", while some trials will be heard behind closed doors"

--- Secret police, secret courts, secret detention. No legal recourse. True communism.

"The law can also apparently be broken from abroad by non-residents, under Article 38"

--- Hip hip hooray! We're all Chinese now.

"Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong began to quit immediately
[...] pro-democracy businesses began clearing away any sign they had once supported the protests"

--- Understandable. What does it help if you end up in prison for life? Instead work secretly, go underground or flee abroad.
cf.: Hong Kong security law: China passes controversial legislation
also: Controversial Hong Kong national security law comes into effect

Hong Kong security law: Anger as China's Xi signs legislation

"president of the European Council, Charles Michel, said: "It risks seriously undermining the high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong and will have a detrimental impact on the judiciary and the rule of law and we deplore this decision.""

--- "Risks seriously undermining"? It obviously undermines the autonomy almost completely.

"Taiwan even warned its citizens of risks in visiting Hong Kong"

--- Reasonable, considering that criticism by anyone anywhere can lead to secret detention in HK or China.

Britain and West urge China to scrap HK security law, open Xinjiang

"We wish to raise our deep concerns
[...] We urge the Chinese and Hong Kong governments to reconsider
[...] Braithwaite spoke on behalf of 27 countries"

--- Such strong words. Now emperor Xi will be so impressed that he withdraws the law immediately.

European leaders condemn China over 'deplorable' Hong Kong security bill

"the bloc was now discussing with international partners on any possible measures in response"

--- Would be surprised if that results in more than words.

Hong Kong government hires London PR firm to improve image

"Consulum, which has also represented Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman, was awarded the £5m one-year contract to improve Hong Kong’s reputation on Monday"

--- A PR agency focused on representing human-rights-challenged governments. How fitting.

President Bihi Appoints a Somaliland Representative to Taiwan

"the Taiwanese government has established presence in Somaliland earlier this year and is closely collaborating a number of ministries on capacity building and other technical areas"

--- Somaliland is one of the few not-so-failed countries in Africa, yet not internationally recognised. & since they probably will never get any recognition by the PRC, Taiwan is a sensible choice.

FCC calls Huawei and ZTE security threats as it bars subsidies

"The action means money from federal subsidies used by many small rural carriers may no longer be used to buy or maintain equipment produced by the companies"

--- Was to be expected (I actually thought, something like this had already been in place).

Beijing says it's 'strongly concerned' by India's decision to ban Chinese apps

"it was India's responsibility to "uphold the legitimate rights of international investors"

--- Just like China upholds the legitimate rights of international investors like Facebook, Twitter & Google. Right?

--- Other news:

Ban on Chinese apps surprises India content makers

Beijing approves experimental Covid-19 vaccine for use in Chinese military

China accuses Australia of mass espionage, peddling rumours and stoking confrontation

How Hong Kong cleaned up its toxic harbour

Video News:

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--- CNN: "Report: China passes Hong Kong national security law"

--- ABC News: "Disturbing evidence alleges China forcing Uighur women to be sterilised"

--- CBC News: "China approves COVID-19 vaccine for military use"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Stadt in Angst

"Heimlich und am Hongkonger Parlament vorbei hat die chinesische Regierung in Peking das umstrittene Sicherheitsgesetz für die Sonderverwaltungszone verabschiedet."

--- Naja, so heimlich war das nicht. Nur der Inhalt wurde bis zum Schluß geheimgehalten. Im englischen Bereich gibt es schon mehr dazu. Mal sehen, ob wir das morgen auch auf Deutsch haben.
vgl.: China verabschiedet "Sicherheitsgesetz"
s.a.: Kein Sonderstatus mehr für Hongkong

"Peking fordert Offenheit von anderen. Selbst nimmt es sich, was es will. Verträge, internationales Recht, Regeln und Standards, das alles ist nur etwas wert, wenn es dem Regime nutzt."

--- Endlich merkt man's auch in der deutschen Presse.

Der Ton ist robust geworden

"Ursula von der Leyen bemängelte auch Pekings triumphalistischen Desinformationsfeldzug in der Coronavirus-Krise und drohte mit "sehr negativen Konsequenzen", falls China Ernst mache mit dem Sicherheitsgesetz für China"

--- Sehr negative Konsequenz: "Wir sind äußerst besorgt."
Das war's.

--- Desweiteren:

Indien verbietet Dutzende chinesische Apps

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