All aboard, the @flagtrail

Last week I delegated some Steem Power to @steemflagrewards and joined the @flagtrail. What, why, how......

Do you often see content you feel is hugely over-valued?

Do you wake up in the morning with 'spare' VP that could have been put to use overnight?

Are you fearful of a retaliatory flag if you down-vote content you disagree with for reasons relating to spam or abuse?

Would you like to be rewarded for flagging spam/abuse?

If some or all of the above are true, then maybe the @flagtrail is for you!

About a week ago, @imacryptorick put out a call to action post regarding @flagtrail, which is a service tied to @steemflagrewards with the goal of reducing the value of content considered spam/abuse.

Basically, it is now possible to automatically down-vote this type of content, which has been judged to fall into this category by the @steemflagrewards team.

Doesn't @steemcleaners handle this sort of thing?

In a word, 'no'. Their remit mainly covers plagiarism and rarely are they involved with content that for example, holds no value to the community and is boosted by an array of bid-bots.

It goes without saying that spam/abusive content is a matter of opinion, but the @steemflagrewards team are an experienced bunch of cleaners and so far, the down-votes my account has given I have agreed with:

Do you agree that these posts are spam/abuse?

How to sign-up

  • Join the flagtrail Discord server
  • Register your account via the following command in any of the rooms on the server

What do the numbers mean in the registration command?

100 - Allow up to a 100% down-vote to be given from your account

85 - Only cast a down-vote when your Voting Power is on or above 85%

10000 - Only cast a down-vote on accounts with less than 10000 Steem Power

And so, the command you enter could be something like ?register abh12345 50 90 5000 which would mean a maximum 50% down-vote, only when your VP is on or above 90%, to accounts with < 5000 SP.

These settings are available to reduce the risk of using more Voting Power than you would like, and also reduce the risk of being flagged in retaliation by an account much larger than your own.

Note: I would suggest setting the 'max SP value' to be no bigger than your own SP.


What if I am flagged purely in retaliation?

Let the team know via discord and they will help! (no guarantees, don't bite off more than you can chew, etc)

Can I pause/remove myself from the trail at any time?

Of course. To pause:

To quit:

And there is a reminder with a link to remove posting authority for @flagtrail to complete the job.

Is there a commands list in case I forget?

Yes, this can be called on the flagtrail discord server by typing ?help

You mentioned being rewarded for flagging spam/abuse?

That is correct. When your account is used to flag a post, a comment is left under the lead comment that reported the content, e.g:

This comment is then voted on by the @steemflagrewards account later in the day. My down-vote on the content was as follows:

The reward ($0.47) is 38.2% larger than my down-vote value ($0.34), which if we deduct 25% for curation, means a 13.2% larger vote than I could cast on say, my own content. Not bad eh?

Delegate to @steemflagrewards

It is also possible to delegate to @steemflagrewards (the account upvoting the members comments), which if you don't fancy joining the trail, is a noble gesture for sure.

You can read more about @steemflagrewards on the posts that they put out each day, and here is one of the most recent:


So far so good as far as I am concerned. I don't have to look for rubbish to flag, I get rewarded for flagging, and if I'm ever not happy with how my VP has been used, I can remove the delegation and quit the trail.