Bringing My Know Filipino Food Articles Here in Hive

Before I stopped Steeming 3-4 months ago my posts were mostly about my Tasteem posts that were about restaurants and food places reviews and experience, and I was writing about Filipino foods and what I knew about them. I showcased all types of Filipino food and delicacies. I have put in the title, Know Filipino Food and the names of the dishes that I feature on that post.

It’s pretty hard to have a subject these days for our blogs because this lockdown has made our lives very limited. However, I eat Filipino food on a daily basis, so that makes perfect sense to go ahead and revive this for my comeback.

I will be writing here in Hive about various Filipino foods and what I know all about them starting tomorrow. I hope you check them out and feel free to comment on them. I would appreciate healthy interactions in platforms like this. I will be using “knowfilipino” as a tag for the posts.

I’ll see you around. Keep blogging!

Love and Peace,