Why You Should Read And Comment On Other Steemians Posts


Hello peeps,
How are you doing today
It's a beautiful day that the Lord has made and we'll be glad in it.
It's not a new news that some steemians are fund of dropping their post here on steemit, go away for sometime and come back to check the success of their payout.
To an extent, it's fun and mind blowing when you come to see you post growing by number of votes and comments.
How about your contribution to the post of other steemians?
For this post, I'll be sharing with you some benefits attached to your activities on steemit.
No man is an island.
The benefits you'll get from reading and commenting on other people's post ranges from you knowing about contests to your comment getting some good votes. How about that?
Yeah, when you read other steemian posts and not minding the variation of tags, you'll get to know more about blogging on steemit
Yes, some good whales and dolphins always put up contests on daily basis for their followers and others to participate and earn some good amount of Steem or SBD from doing so.
Take for example, @xpilar who normally creates images made of own imagination and thoughts for people to write good story from and it's being upvoted as soon as possible.
@berniesandars is another person that votes its commenters, @steemslotgames gives free steem for your participation every week. They are many that gives good stuffs for free.
Why not check them out yourself.
Another benefit you can get from reading and commenting on other steemians post is when you use some dapps that rewards your activities. An example is Esteemapp, you get rewarded.
Esteemapp is one of the best dapps for steemit and has been on ground since the earliest days of steemit (around 2016).
This very app doesn't just reward you for posting like usual, it gives you some points for commenting, voting, reblogging and delegating some of your SP.
For your activities, @esteemapp gives you some encouragement votes.
This can also been seen when using other apps like Partiko.
Another benefit is when you comment on others post, you're likely to get some commentcoin, creativecoin, trendo, beer, etc. for freeeee!
Yeah, some big users' posts are powered with the above coins/tokens to encourage their commenters.
Last but not the least, your comments will surely get you some badges from @steemktboard. Who doesn't like to be honored?
You can also write what you've gained from commenting at the comment section of this post.
Okay peeps, this is where I'll cut it for now.
Steemit is a community for great men and women.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
Have a great day.