Challenge: What are you doing to claim food sovereignty for yourself or your community, and why?

There have been a lot of challenges on Steemit but this was the first one I've seen that addresses an issue close to my heart. So here we go...

"What are you doing to claim food sovereignty for yourself or your community, and why"?

We do what we can to ensure that we have at least some food around at all times. We like to extend that to our neighbours and community.

I won't exaggerate and pretend that there's enough for everyone at all times... yet. Nor will I pretend that all our neighbours are interested. In fact, some just aren't.

The community is the key to food soverignety. Acknowledging that self sufficiency is impossible on a small block in suburbia as ours is, we recognised that we had to look beyond.

We have established a bit of a reputation when it comes to food gardening. I work at the local Community house looking after their kitchen garden. A friend down the road a bit has several acres and a couple of we locals have cleared, dug in organic material and tilled about 100 square metres for use by anyone who wants to come along. Oddly, there have been no takers. The heavy work has been done and the property has a bore and free water. Strange.

I got the first 'Grow Free' cart established in Gawler and that lead to 4 more being started These carts are part of a rapidly growing movement and are for folks to leave and take produce as needed. If you have surplus, you leave it. If you are in need, you take. It's a really simple Idea that works.

We are part of the local Saturday morning food share. This is where like minded folk catch up every week or when they can and we swap and give any excess from our gardens. Really, anything garden related is OK at these swaps.

is part of this share too. Her family have their own inspiring lifestyle. Maybe they will join this challenge too.

Extending the community beyond the physical, I started 3 Facebook groups. One aimed at frugal living, one about productive, local, food gardening and another about finding and using local herbs for one's health. These groups were all started to get all the folks we were meeting who had an interest in these areas to start talking to each other. There were already some local groups including Transition Gawler (part of the global Transition Towns network) but none with a focus on our fields of interest.

I handed the first on to someone else when it got too big and moved off topic for me. Gawler Beyond Sustainable Gardeners is still running though has turned into more of a gardening chat group rather than a focus on producing for the cimmunity. I may pass someone else the reins for that one soon. Gawler Kitchen Herbalists is still my baby. It's not really just about Gawler anymore, it's gone global and its not just kitchen Herbalists involved, there are some well known Herbalists from overseas who found my grass roots approach intriguing.

As the name suggests, in this group, we learn about and discuss local herbs from our gardens and local parks and bush. We address the simplest ways of preparing the plants for use and share the results.

Our blog Ligaya Garden is the focus of what we teach about energy, growing and living. Until recently it has been hyper-local but we have joined a group in Africa that is aimed at building local communities from a permaculture perspective. We are also establishing a Ligaya Garden in Jelina's home town in the Philippines so that we can encourage local food and energy sovereignty there. shared

Then there is our Steemit blog
which shares a lot of info with several communities on Steemit and discord. Speaking of which, we have a herbal information channel called 'the homesteading herbslist' on the Global Homesteader's Community server discord as well as our own. Click on the images below to follow us on various social media and to get the invite links for both Discord.

That went on for a bit and I haven't addressed what we've done to in and on our own block and neighbours gardens to help out on the issue of food sovereignty.

If anyone asks for it in the comments I'll write part 2.


This is #originalwork. The pics or videos were taken by yours truly.

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