Look What Came In The Mail Today

I'm a tree hugger darn it.
I got my Christmas gift out of my mailbox today as well. Only it had not been mailed. Someone hand delivered it. Thank God/ess and many blessings to the loving soul for being so generous. I'm going to be buying seeds for my food garden next year. I will also be looking for locals who will give up some land to lend to growing.
I'm so excited.
This is one of the handful of events advertised in the catalog.
I love this woman and would so love to meet her.
There are alot of people I would love to meet and places I would like to travel to not to mention events I've wanted to attend but have not had the chance to attend. I ask this community's support in achieving these goals. I will tell you more about these events in January after I have made a list. Maybe some of you are of a like mindset and who knows if I show enough enthusiasm about these events we may end up running into each other there.