Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 58): Upside down

bwbjni.jpg image source: @xpilar

This image is designed by one of the greatest steemians by username @xpilar.
This image is made of own imagination and thought and for other steemians to view, use, and make a reasonable story from it and at the same time, earn from publishing it here on steemit.
For today's competition, I'll be sharing with you some details on the image.
On a normal glance at the image, I felt like this is an image of an area flooded with clean water.
I took some time to look at this clean view and imagined how it looks like beneath the water surface.
I thought for some time, lo and behold, the real imagination came.
I compared the clarity of the image to that of swimming pool and the difference was clear.
This image is far clearer than that of the swimming pool.
Though the lights and reflections were similar, the floor should not be clear like what the image has.
Well, since I've proven a point that this image is not and image from the pool, I decided to turn it upside down.
The real thought came to pass.
The floor is the roof and the water which was above is just the surface.
The buildings after the water is behind the roof.
They are reflecting. That's all and nothing else.


Turn the image upside down to see for yourself
Feel free to join the contest with your story by visiting this profile
Thank you for you time and support on this post.
Have a wonderful Thursday.

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