The 31 sentence contest: Round 21

This is my Entry to the contest by @tristancarax. To participate, you can follow the below link to learn of the rules 31sentence contest

This is my first time participating in this contest. I did not find it easy counting words. I hope you enjoy reading it.
Here is my Entry

The failed mission

Jeff felt overjoyed watching fans celebrate him climbing on building tops.

"I have longed wanted to be a Skype climber" he told his female friend Jane. "It is where i find comfort, right from childhood" he said with smiles.

"Wanted same,Before I joined the cop". Jane replied,with a sad tune, looking away.
"Not late".

Jane smiled, knowing very well she couldn't cope now with such demand.

"Jeff, I need your help", Jane said, "we are faced with a situation to which we will require your help, you will help us get some information.

"I was never a detective, just a sky climber" Jeff replied."jeff,What are friends for?Be my good accomplice today".

" Let's save the world together"

This was a mission to rescue the people from corrupt set of men to suffer humanity.

The group known as the "Eagles Eye" did planned to take the world power unto themselves by destroying some councils against them.

Jeff dashed into the building the next day where the meeting was suppose to be held in.
They sneaked into the building disguised in some costume.

Followed their worked plans until they were able to steal the flash containing the information,the alarm rang as he set to leave.

They dashed out and started running as the security ran after them alerting others at various check points.

Just as they were about to enter their van, it was exploded and they continued running on foot as the bad guys chased after them shooting at them none stop.

As they looked ahead.
Was a car driving their way.

And stopped right before them, "Enter" the driver urged them, as they quickly jumped into the car, and it drove speedily pass the gate door.
They all exhale, showing a relief to have escaped pass the dangerous group.

Just when they felt all has gone well, the news headline was holding a picture of them as wanted,Jane couldn't believe her eyes.

The next minute was a call from her office boss, who had saw her wanted.

"Don't worry" he assured her "Things will go on fine, I believe in you, just be courageous" he ended.

Jeff and Jane felt bad but encouraged themselves, the mission was a good course to humanity, as they picked up themselves to complete what they started.

After getting information to whom was behind the plans and the tool they created to accomplish their plans. They left.

They successfully entered the building, shooting at the guards and stole the tool. As they were about running out, Jane was captured, "give me the bag or I kill her".

Jeff dropped the bag, waiting for the exchange with her.

Immediately the Eagle took the bag from Jeff, and cut off Jane's two legs.

Jeff couldn't believe his eyes, as his Friend lost her two legs right before him and he could do nothing, "I must avenge for this" he said, sobbing loudly.

"Holding her tightly"