Crypterium 😻 - Just got my card!

If you have questions or you just want to know more about Crypterium, have a look at one of the earlier posts I made. If afterwards you still have questions, let me know on the comments below.

Wait... Is this the Crypterium card?

Yes, or kind of yes. If you have a look at the previous post I did about this, you can easily check various differences from what I got and what is on the pictures.


But don't panic!

This was expected because in between these two pictures Crypterium had some challenges with the previous card issuer, and like any company, had to adapt quickly to avoid losing grasp in the business.

Although I must mention, some Crypterium logos or mentions in the card package would be nice. I almost threw this away, thinking it would be corona virus bait!

Seriously, if you look at the first picture. Can you tell that is from Crypterium? I can’t.

(example of how the card is supposed to be)

I am guessing they are strategically trying to position themselves to face the changes resulted from the issuer hiccups. So, running to market is a must, otherwise, they lose more places in this race and therefore profit.

The card is from UnionPay, has PayWave and is branded "ko-kard" in the front. It says VIP MEMBER in the front for me and has my name on it. Besides that, looks just like any other plastic standard card.

I am 🤨

That's right, for a card that costs money to order, receiving this, is pretty disappointing. No way I can even compare this with my AMAZING card. But hey, for many, better than nothing, especially because Crypterium is aiming for world coverage. Hence all users that can't yet get the card, this might be a very nice option.

So, if you are one of those that either can't get or just wants to have this one anyway, head to my referral link and we both get $5 USD for it.

There is a virtual version of it too!

Yes, but I am not sure if you can have it without ordering a card. Probably yes or maybe that's part of their strategy to cover more potential users. Let's wait and watch.

Limits & Fees

These were taken from the website, but they differ from what I see on the app. Although I have decided to use the ones on the website.

Should you get Verified?

If you feel struggling with the limits of the Not verified status, then yes, you should definitively go ahead I would say.


The website has some comparisons... but beware that some data is not updated. For example, is not just available in Singapore.


These are pure marketing right. You show what's convenient. With this comparison, I have also learned about other cards I did not know. Always learning.

Downsides for me, and especially towards Crypterium is that you need to PAY to load the card. Even with crypto, which is kind of a disappointing factor for the most cryptocurrency community.

I have been asked to review the product on a private feedback questionaire, which I have given hard critics, so lets see if that can make any difference. Hopefully, other users will do the same and help Crypterium stay competitive.

3 Crypto Cards!

Do I get a medal? LOL

Feels that from here, there's no more point on getting other cards if not just for fun. If you are either not reviewing it (my case) or use it, why to bother right? But hell sure it was fun and enriching to witness these experiences, goods and bads. Tells much about how hard its to bring crypto to the world of the poeple that already beleives/trusts in non-crypto tech (credit/debit cards).

I am out. Thanks for reading.

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