Investing in dCity part 3 - Why are there taxes in this game?


Yes, there is tax to be payed in dcity. No worries, you will not have to calculate your earnings. It is automatically deducted from your daily SIM income. The reason for this is that people were selling SIM tokens too cheap. There was a lot of selling pressure on the market, which was a danger to everyone’s profit. Something had to be done to balance the market. In comes the tax system.

Taxes in dCity are set by the president. Currently in this testing phase this is @gerber, the creator of the game. The last few days he is changing the taxes daily, clearly to test out what the effect on the game economy is and if there are any unforeseen results.

But later we are probably going to see people campaigning for the position of president. They will be president for 14 days. Already you can see what your voting power will be in a presidential election. Mine is 169,73 currently, which is a bit lower than my population of 173. So possibly things like popularity and eduction also influences the voting power of your city, as they would do in real life. Not everyone votes after all.

The taxes are not just a reduction on income though. Most of them also provide benefits. So what are they?

  • Income tax: this tax is based on the 3day average price of the SIM token and is put in place to decrease inflation or deflation. This helps to peg the price of SIM to 0,005 Hive. That way the income of your city will not wildly fluctuate, but be quite constant. So that is becomes a safe long-term investment.
  • Police tax: this tax will make the police station in your city work better, so will help your bank/shopping mall to not get robbed as often during the night. If you have a lot of those, this could actually increase your income.
  • Education tax: This will boost education by 10%, which helps to train your Immigrants and Homeless through your Job center to become Scientists, Workers, Artists etc. This can be quite beneficial to you if you have a lot of Immigrants and Homeless.
  • Art tax: This will boost creativity, which will help to “discover” backgrounds for the game.
  • War tax: When the president declares war, players pay a 10% tax and 80% of that tax is distributed over the players that have a Military Industrial Complex in their city. Probably a building you would want to get.
  • Eco tax: This boosts the income of Wind turbines and Solar Panels, so that is a nice income boost for those players that focus on that.
  • Jobs tax: This doubles the effectiveness of the Job center, so this is a strong combination with the education tax.
  • Basic tax: This doesn’t do anything besides reducing income and it can be used to reduce inflation even more. It can actually range from 1-20%.

So, if you care about your SIM income, don’t sell your tokens cheap on Hive-engine. Big taxation will happen if you do...

Have fun playing this awesome game and may your efforts be profitable!