Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 57): My View

image source: @xpilar

This image is designed by one of the greatest steemians by username @xpilar.
This image is made of own imagination and thought and for other steemians to view, use, and make a reasonable story from it and at the same time, earn from publishing it here on steemit.
It could be real life story or fictionalized one.
For my contribution, I'll be sharing with you some details I can see in the image.
Looking at the image, I noticed that the season is still winter, the night is young, the moon is just half, snow is heavy and I guess, the temperature is very low.
Oh, do you think that the large light with blur outer layer is the moon?
No, it's not.
The moon is just above them and can be found at the top right end of the image.
For the big blur light which I can say, is shining above the magical grasses is the late evening sun.
It used to be big and not bright but beautiful, orange in colour and has little or less heat unlike the normal afternoon sun.
You may ask, why did I called those grasses "magical"?
Yes they are.
Look around the grasses, you'll notice that all other stuffs around are frozen and covered by snow and yet nothing is happening to the grasses.
They continued to be shining with their outstanding maroon colour.
This is a wonderful image with reasonable details.
Feel free to join the contest with your story by visiting this profile.
Thank you for you time and support on this post.
Have a wonderful Thursday.

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