Finally... Meeting a goal


You can just see a white wall but for me it is much more. My house has only two rooms, and we have not used one for more than 7 years... Since my father died, the room is quite ugly and for some time I want to remodel it and it had not been possible. We already cleaned the first step and started painting.


This is how the walls of the room looked before being painted. The truth is that it looks very different, tomorrow when it is completely painted and fixed I show you how it looks.


I think it would be great to be able to move into this room and also have a visit from @mirianmg and Ale. But this friend is the culprit the air conditioning does not work and these months have been the hottest months I guess this is the difficult part of living on an island. The heat...

It would be wonderful to be able to have an air conditioner but well an air conditioner has an approximate value of $100 or $120 something quite far from our budget... But well I will try to work more here and well if someone wanted to help me it would be very helpful.