dPoll Contest Winner Announcement 107

This is the winner announcement post for the best poll created at dPoll on Tuesday the 24th of June, 2019.


Clearly, @xplosive is the winner of this poll.

Voters Giveaway

A random voter of every of these polls get either an SBI unit.

The Steem Random Draw tool was used to select a random winner and the result shows;


Our random winner is @gillianpearce

Congratulations @xplosive @gillianpearce

Price has been awarded!


How Can You Become a Winner?

  1. By creating interesting polls at dPoll. Check out how I select the best polls here

  2. By voting on my selection polls. You can see them from my profile at dPoll.

written by @akomoajong with love for Steem and support from @shortcut @bleepcoin @leeuw @jennimorillo @neoxian

@akomoajong 04/07/2019