A Splatts Style 100 Steem Contest ~ Guess How Much Weight is on the Bed of My Truck?

How would you like an additional 100 Steem to Power-Up for the next SPUD event? Or just 100 Steem to fatten your wallet? All you have to do is guess how much weight is sitting on the back of my truck and be the closest one to the exact amount and I will give you 100 Steem. Simple right?


As I was getting ready to leave and head to the city dump, I was wondering how much weight I loaded on the bed of my truck. My legs and back were sure feeling it. My son @lil-splatts and I gave our guesses and let’s just say, that boy was spot on!! I was impressed. I am feeling generous today so why not turn this into a fun Splatts Style contest. At first I thought 20 Steem... Nah! I had better make it 100 Steem. Go Big or Go Home right?!? After picking up 561 Steem this morning using changenow.io in preparation for SPUD7, I wanted to get someone else the opportunity to power-up some extra Steem this go around.


What’s on the bed of my truck? First there is a good amount of dirt, rocks and bark that was dug out of my front flower bed to level it out. Plus some sod from my new gate project that I am not completely done with. Go ahead and enjoy the sneak peak... The one thing about a flat be truck, you can just keep piling it on and stacking it high!! So that is exactly what I did. I just kept piling it on and the mountain just seemed to get taller and taller. I used the old fence pieces to make the sides of the bed a lot taller. Let’s just say we did some serious fall cleanup around the Splatts house. It is amazing how much stuff can accumulate from all the different projects I have completed. Just like all the pallets I tore apart to make pallet planter boxes, I just don’t have time to do them so they had to go to. Plus I needed to make room for my parts truck I will be picking up soon. Not to mention all the stuff from the garage and the shed out back... I don’t know where all this stuff came from, but it is gone now!!


In order to qualify, simply post your guess in pounds or kilos in the comment section below. Only one guess per user, be honest and don’t try to use your alt account/s to make several guesses. Just be honest and make one guess, then in 7 days I will announce the winner. No need to upvote or resteem but it defiantly won’t be frowned upon if you do. So what are you waiting for watch the video and make a guess, you could win 100 Steem next week.

How much weight is on the bed of my truck?


How much does my truck weigh? Just the amounts of weight that is sitting on my truck. Let’s just say the lady at the dump was a little surprised and so was I. The beast is always up for the challenge, are you?

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