Ecotrain : Development of Environmental Cultured Villages

Ecovillage is a spatial and territorial concept that takes into account the quality of the population and the ecological quality holistically because it involves all dimensions of the life of living things. Ecovillage includes four aspects, namely ecology, social, spiritual, and economic. #wikipedia
My great hope is that with the existence of Ecovillage, I can build an independent community, the sense of mutual cooperation that has been eroded can return.

In various regions in Indonesia, many have been programmed and assisted by the government, there are those who call it bio village and so on. Bali also this year has begun implementing the zero plastic crackle bag regulation.

I left home while working, along the way, there were 3 points that I saw that the Denpasar City Government had done, namely:

  1. Installing paping on major roads and residential aisles, hope that in the future paping is indeed functioned for water absorption, not just aesthetics.
  2. Providing a separate bin between organic and non-organic waste, the hope of the community is starting to realize the function of sorting garbage, even though the place has been provided, it has not been disposed of in its place.
  3. Announcements at the crossroads and public places regarding environmental awareness, future expectations are accompanied by periodic socialization to the youth community in each neighborhood.
    Writing on the bulletin board if translated: Thank you for not littering or littering

I also heard that the Suwung Garbage Dump has been turned into a park, there is no more pungent odor, and the hills are rubbish.

My dream, Bali to be beautiful and neat, to have and maintain a culture of the environment as well as a culture of art and religion that is sustainable globally.