My Answer to QOTW by @ecotrain


If you don't want to be judge, please do not judge others just for your own value. There are many people in this world who are too easy judging others without prior knowledge of how they have the life of those certain people going through. This is a kind of epidemic that can not be avoided.

Who are you to judge me?

I would like to make myself an example of this situation. There was a very big reason why I stayed here working a long time ago. My family and I have considered everything as my destiny. There is no issue about it and we are already accepting the fact that this is how the way of my life.

But people are so judgemental. They are making a story on their own to judge me. It is so hard to accept what they thought about me without making research and not asking a question why? They are basically looking at the outer situation not knowing what deep behind the stories.

Who am I to judge you?

Should I judge you according to my own value? My answer is no. Why? Literally, I don't like someone judging me. We should know our boundaries between the people even if, this will be your close friend or family members. We have no right to do it most especially if it will be about your own values. We are living and given by God a life in a different way. Not all people are good, not all people are bad. It all depends on the compatibility with someone to deal and it should not be judged. Make yourself comfortable with someone but don't judge so you will not be judged too.

People would say Arab people are bad, Do not generalized it and don't judge them until you stay with them. We should not judge just because of the hearsay and hear about them.

More people who easily judge someone are those people who have the worst behavior. Those people are not good enough.

Who has the right to judge?

Even a judge could deny justice, there is no one perfect in this world so we have no right to judge someone. He has his own compatibility with someone and I have it too for myself. Even how good you are and the people, there will be some indifference to each and every one. We can't judge with each cover only. If you want to judge someone, dig it and know him deeper and say a constructive judgment in a nice respectful way.

Above all, I am believing since my childhood education that only God has the right to judge us, We are not allowed to judge someone.

Do not be judgmental according to our own value.

This is my answer to the question of the week by @ecotrain. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts through your good initiative.

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