Temporary mail without registration (2019)

A valid email address is required when creating different accounts and registering on certain websites.

It receives a code, password or link to activate the account and verify the user.

But it is not always reasonable or possible to give your real mail, and in such cases you may need a temporary one-time mail without registration.

What is temporary mail and how is it provided?

Services for the provision of temporary mail generates random mailboxes that are on their server.

These mailboxes, depending on the "size" of the service can be from a few tens to several thousand.

At the beginning of using service, the user receives the e-mail address on a server and the account data in it.

Access is provided for different times, depending on the conditions - from a single opening of the letter to several months.

The functionality of such service may differ depending on the format of work.

It can work only on receiving incoming data, or assume the possibility of sending mail and receiving incoming data within a short period of time.

Why are you needing it?

Why at registration it is impossible to specify the real mail, after all it is at almost each user? In what cases a temporary fake mail may be needed?

There can be some reasons for that:

  • The user has already registered on the site with his real mail, but now cannot remember any data backup of his account for recovery;
  • The user has been blocked on a site, for example, for infringement of its Rules or for any other reasons, and can't be re-registered with the present address any more;
  • The account registered to the real address on this site already exists, but another one is needed;
  • After registration, many sites begin to send to the mailbox unnecessary information - data on the entrance to the account, notifications of messages, etc., and to disable it in the settings of the account is long and difficult, because it is easier to create a temporary mail;
  • Other purposes - a joke, a surprise, a confidential mailing of any information when the e-mail address of the sender should not be found out.
  • Of course, you can just get different mail on standard servers (Gmail, outlook, yandex, etc.) every time, but it's quite complicated and inconvenient.
  • The process takes a lot of time, and it is not practical to do it if the mail is needed "once".


The main advantages of using temporary mail services are described below:

  1. Save time on registration procedures;
  2. There is no need to make up different accounts each time;
  3. Eliminate mailing, spam and other unnecessary mail on the main mail;
  4. Ability to maintain confidentiality when necessary;
  5. Ability to create multiple accounts at once.
  6. While using temporary mail can be a challenge, it is still more appropriate than using a permanent mailbox.
  7. You can register multiple accounts on social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


However, the use of the service has some disadvantages associated with the principles of its operation, and it is impossible to avoid them.

These are things like:

  • Since the passwords to the mail cease to work, it is impossible to recover the password of the account that was registered to it;
  • As the addresses on some services pass from the user to the user at creation of the account on a popular site, there is a probability that the mail used by you, there was already used - in this case it is necessary to request the additional address;

Such disadvantages, in principle, are not too critical and not always relevant, so the benefits of such services still overweight.