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The atmosphere was filled with much excitement as his naming ceremony continued successfully. It was exactly 8:00 o'clock am on Friday morning with songs of praise hitting back and forth in a sound system coupled with loudable speakers. The DJ and all the attendance were really in a happy mood. The inhabitants in his vicinity had come in their numbers to help celebrate the the birth of this new baby boy they have been blessed with, a baby boy believed to possess a purpose of positivity. All attendance wore their best outfit purposely for this special occasion. He smiled back at the people around whose faces were lightened with inspirational smiles as he laid back on his mother's labs.

"Kofi Babone ", a deep voice uttered from a close distance.

"Henceforth, this is your entitlement ", an old elderly man said with a face of amazement, as he fetched the child from the mother and held.

The crowd shouted in a surprised manner, "interesting". Surprisingly, they shouted in accordance. It happened as if it had been planned.

The baby knew something was wrong somewhere, after hearing the name. The look on people's faces around could tell it all.

Suddenly, emotion of sadness enveloped him, a situation he couldn't figure out the cause earlier till his adulthood stage.

It had been over twenty years since his naming ceremony was organized.

Kofi Babone is a fully grown up man now and his physical appearance is a true confirmation to it.

"Hmmmmm!!! What a life I live! A curse name I have been given to bear, Babone, meaning a bad child. No wonder I have bad characters including Negative decisions. Recently, indeed I'm feeling the impact of this curse name, Babone, an Akan native name." He thought on these words as he sat by the edge of his bed.

"Panpanpanpan", he heard this knocking sound behind his door.

"Please come in", He uttered sadly.

The door opened and the person behind it came inside his room.

It was his mother. His mother had come to check on him.

"How are you doing today my son? " Celina Agyeiwaa, his mother, asked softly.

"I'm well by God's grace Mama", he responded.

"Thank God", Mrs. Celina said.

"I won't waste much of your time my son. I have come to give you a piece of advice as mother who cares for her son". Babone nodded indicating a sign of agreement.

Mrs. Celina continued, "My son, at your age I can't be too involving in your decision making since you are matured enough to differentiate between good and evil. What ever you do, make sure your actions wouldn't cause your fellow human pains." Thank you for your piece of advice Mum." he said. "let me explain mum", he continued.

"My negative doings is not what I actually want as a human mum. I hate what I do and it's leaving a bad mark on me. I wish I could turn back the hands of time but it seems impossible. When will this end. The name you and daddy gave to me is the cause of this problem. I hate my name. You and daddy have to give me a new name.

A name that have positive impact. Both of you have to do something about my name" Babone said in sorrow and pain.

To his surprise, his mother asked, "what name would you like to be called?" Babone answered, "Nhyira",(an Akan native name meaning Blessing). His mother continued, "Your father and l will think about it".

On the the third day, Mrs Celina Agyeiwaa Amponsah and Mr Amponsah called Babone to come for the feedback. To his surprise, his father and mother had accepted to call him "Nhyira".

"My son forgive us for this name, "Babone", that has had bad influence on you. We never wanted this for you. For this reason, your mother and I have accepted to call you Kofi Nhyira. We will make the legal documentation to back up your new name". Mr. Amponsah calmly said.

With a sign of relief and appreciation Kofi responded, "thank you".

Do our names have influence on us?

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This content is originally authored by I, (Acheampong Emmanuel) excluding the image.