Encouragement program continues


You may be aware that we are supporting our eSteem Mobile users with the upvotes for few month now. And excited to announce that same encouragement program is started for eSteem Surfer users as well. This is very important, especially for newcomer, minnows to help them build their reputation and power, find the community to support and get support from. So if you are posting via eSteem applications you are automatically qualified.


How to participate

  • Write a good quality article and post it via eSteem Mobile or eSteem Surfer
  • While votes are dependent on your followers vesting weight and might be small, we still believe enjoying creative process is utmost importance, that's why we have eSteem monthly spotlight as well to reward our top users for each month.

Some common rules: Content should be original (your texts and images, no copywright violation). At least 50 words required. Include esteem tag on your post, percent of vote is calculated from your followers weight, reputation should be higher than ~31, not detected by any plagiarism or abuse marking bots, etc. Every user is qualified to get at least one vote per day, but not guaranteed/promised.

Make sure you understand: There is no guarantee for upvotes every time. Votes are also shuffled time to time and rules are updated constantly, abusers are added to ignore list. Once account is in ignore list there is slim chance that account will be removed from the list. There is no notification about being ignore listed.

Just do your regular postings and you will be fine to qualify.

We are casting more than 1200+ upvotes from team and other eSteem supporter accounts daily. You can join our trail to help us spread the love and to get curation rewards for good content.

Additionally, with every post and comment you make, increases your chance to win monthly eSteem Spotlight giveaway. In couple days next round of winners will be announced. You can track your Leaderboard rank in Activies section in both eSteem Mobile and eSteem Surfer apps.

Steem on!

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