Earn from 5 up to 16% APR

Two of my wallets, which I am using are Trust & Houbi!!

After some time I checked the in-app tools (called D'apps) and found an interesting app for all Erc20-Token fans:

~°~ Thundercore ~°~

~°~ Let's mine together! 💰⚒️ ~°~
~°~ Hold TT & USDT to earn holding rewards is so easy! Refer a friend to hold TT or USDT and enjoy a 10% referral reward! There is no limitation for referring! ~°~

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~°~ to get 1% more APR for TT holdings ~°~
~°~ Scroll down & you will find the link ~°~
~°~ TT Mining is the first choice ~°~
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This app is very well designed and got so many nice features like:

  • mine/stake light (up to 16% APR)
  • swap TT ➡️ TT-Dai or TT-USDT
  • one simple dice
  • one modern dice
  • supernode's (up to 26% APR)

and some other features


Thundercore actually startet a new reward festival‼️

What can everybody earn in this festival period⁉️

1000 TTs (round about 7.50€) plus additional bonus rewards for TT/TT-Dai/TT-USDT holdings (only for amount of your in-app wallet)‼️


I was so nice & copied the Thundercore festival rules for you‼️

If you click one the following link, you can find the description ⬇️
Festival rules

‼️Don't be scared‼️
‼️You get redirected to my Google Drive ‼️


First you will need my referral code:
Link 👉


‼️After your registration and binding me as your referrer, you will earn 6% APR holding bonus reward‼️


⬇️ Now .. I got some ascreenshots/pics of this app for you ⬇️

In-app features (overview)


Greetings olllieeee
My latest project #aim