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Daenerys Targaryen died a few years ago nowadays only at hands with her beloved, Bran Stark ended up taking this same Iron Throne as well as Sansa Stark had become princess throughout the east. series named "Game of Thrones" concluded its eight-series run from may 19 , 2019 with such a controversial penultimate scene that was viewed by millions as well as managed to pick up bits by reviewers and conversations from friends.

And although the scene will live on throughout notoriety for storyline fans over the years, four questions are being asked about the "Thrones" multiverse: and how about the story f that books as well as prequel trilogy?

That series wasn't for ever culmination of "Thrones." Supporters of both the Martin's series of novels, "A Music of Ice and Fire," upon which sequence is centered, waited just under eagerly for the seventh book throughout the novel, "The Wind of Summer." Martin's steady pace on the novel has become something of a social joke between fans and – anti-fans both, who question if the two remaining novels in the show will ever be released. (Martin has planned an eighth and final novel, "A Dream of Spring,") the very first season of the show, "A Game of Thrones," hit bookcases in 1996. The 5th and perhaps most recent novel, "A Dance with Wizards," launched in april 2011.

Late year, Martin's publisher, Bantam Novel, would only provide the same comment regarding "Winds": "Martin is busy at home creating 'The Winds of Winter.' They don't have a timetable for publishing the first book in the show, but once we do, the universe will knowing that." Talking to USA TODAY in 2018, Martin wouldn't like place a deadline on the creation of the novel. "(I am) trying to have that finished, and besides that there's something really," the writer said. "I gave up guessing when they're going to be done, because any time I do, it's not over by then and everyone gets angry at me. And I've decided to do neither."

prequel_game_of_thrones.png has contacted Bantam for an official release on the condition of the book. Prospective prequel spin-off shows for HBO often evolved during a tumultuous period. HBO probably began with five construction projects, in some that included Martin and others not. A pilot planned millennia before the shooting of "Thrones," featuring Naomi Watts, yet HBO leadership soon killed it.

Rather, HBO order "House of the Dragon" direct to show in august, based on a novel "Fire & Blood" by Martin. A spinoff centers mostly on Targaryens but is set 300 years even before that start of "Thrones," which starred among the most prominent members of the dynasty, Daenerys Targaryen. Martin and the film producer Ryan Condal co - developed "Dragon." Are both cast members alongside Miguel Sapochnik, head of "Thrones," who'll be directing episodes of season show.

Although this green light was already given to "Dragon," audiences will probably wait a very long time moment for it. In april, HBO amusement chief Casey Bloys told that this would probably be 2 months until the series premieres. And that was until much of Hollywood output was closed down by the coronavirus disease outbreak, halting films , TV shows, songs, and live concerts. USA TODAY has been reaching HBO friday for an official release on the development of the project.