My Favorite Protein

@marblely have asked what my favorite protein is. Of course, it's EGG!

Why? Simply because it is easy to obtain and is also easy to prepare. You can do a lot of dishes using eggs as well. You can boil it, fry it, scramble it, make an omelette and even add it to soups and fried rice, and many more.



Most of our breakfast meals are prepared with eggs. The picture shows carrot omelette my mom prepared. I like it because it's not just colorful but nutritious as well! We also make eggplant omelette, okra omelette, sweet potato omelette, and basically any vegetable there is.


I also include eggs when making noodles to my son. He loves noodle soup, but because it is not that healthy for him, I add an egg and some greens to lessen the guilt. Hahaha! 😂

I love to eat eggs especially before workout. My body needs it so I will have the energy to sustain my exercise. And it is really helpful.


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