Castle (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

Gabriel and Belle met in an arts event where Gabriel's masterpieces are exhibited. Belle fell in love with the paintings, and approached a man thinking he works for the event, asked him about the whereabouts of the artist. She's just dying to see him being a fan of his works.

Gabriel introduced himself, and Belle was stunned, at the same time, was embarrassed for mistaking him as one of the crews in the exhibit. She asked for an autograph, which Gabriel declined telling her he isn't a celebrity. But Belle insisted, and Gabriel has no choice but to do so.

Belle regularly visits the exhibit. She and Gabriel became good friends, but all they got to interact is in the exhibit. Though she knew that she already fell in love with him. Belle forgot about the last day of exhibit, and she went there only to find out they weren't there already.

Feeling sad of what happened, she regrets not getting Gabriel's number. Tried to look for his Facebook page, but it isn't updated. After a week, someone messaged her in Messenger app. To her suprise, it's Gabriel. He's already on another city where his artworks are exhibited.

She decided to come for a visit, and Gabriel agreed. Stepping out of the taxi, she's a bit nervous. Walked inside the hallway of the exhibit, she saw new paintings that had her in awe. But one painting caught her attention. An elegant castle painted with a woman in the terrace. The face of the woman is hardly noticeable. Another painting close to it, is the face of the woman in the castle. That woman is actually Belle. Stunned on the art pieces, her tears fell with joy.

The lights went off, then a certain painting illuminated. Along with the woman in the painting, is a man without a face. But there's certain effect in the painting when you come closer to it, the face of the man will slowly appear. Belle was stunned to see Gabriel's face appearing when she came closer to the painting.

All the lights turned on, and on her back, there Gabriel stood. Belle has turned and saw Gabriel. They hugged as they missed each other. They eventually became lovers, and got married with all the paintings around in a garden wedding.



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