My daughter teaching me to make scones


It is fruitsandveggiesmonday with @lenasveganliving and this is my entry, my first one in a long time. My daughter has been home for a long time now due to the lockdown and she has had to do a bit of home schooling, it is meant to be holidays now but we wanted some scones and thought we would go for it anyway. It is not possible to find flour in the shop, but luckily I thought to look in the European section and I can read a little polish, and I found some, yeah the picture of a cake was a give away, but nobody else has thought of it by the looks of it.



255g flour
25g butter
25g sugar
And slowly pour milk till right consistency

I used oatly barrister I think it is the best plant based milk.

It looks quite easy to make, she just mixed it all together with her little hands and place it on a tray.







Then gas marks 7 in the oven for half an hour.



They didn't even get a chance to cool down, a bit of strawberry jam and they were absolutely awesome, I was really impressed, might have to make some more tomorrow 😂