Today, I’m Surprised that I Won a Prize

I can’t help but share this.

This afternoon, after I ate my late lunch, I sat in my room near the window to relax for a while. Well, of course to attain my equilibrium, I picked up my phone and browse my social media account. Since the lockdown started, math problems and riddles always flood my news feed. Honestly, I hate solving them because I tried answering once or twice and I was wrong hehe.

Today, one of my good friend seems to be joining the trend. She posted 3 quarantine games. I got interested because one of the the problem is about cats hehe. So I analized it.

I immediately typed my guess in the comment section, which is 4. I did it just for fun.

After answering, I dropped my phone for a moment and went to our kitchen to get water. When, I got back, I missed a call from my friend who posted the quiz. I was wondering why, because she leave a message and said hurry. So I checked her posts, and I found out that I got the correct answer. I’m very happy and proud like I’m a genius haha. But, there’s more. Little did I know, behind the game, there are prizes waiting. She urged me to choose my reward quickly. And so I choose the perfume mist. Yeheey!



My friend’s name is Sarah. We’re colleagues in my work before. When we’re on same shift, we always laugh. That makes our work light. Our personality is somehow similar. Others even say that we’re like mother and daughter hehe. However, we both leave our career eventually for same reasons. Now, she’s doing well with her online business. She is selling authentic and imported beauty and skin care products. Sometimes, I also help her by reselling her items. She’s blessed because this friend of mine is generous and kind. I’m grateful to have a friend like her. When this pandemic is over, we will surely meet again.