My Garden Journal for November

I can't believe the month of November has gone by so fast, and now it's time for my November Garden Journal again. Whew!

Since I have been making this journal for three months in a row now, I might as well start with what is new in my garden (because I think that everything is all the same as last month).



I have been pretty excited when I saw the little flowers from last month. So this month, guess what? These bell peppers grew to be lovely greens!


We have two kinds of peppers, and we are so happy to have both!


What else is new? Well, we have planted eggplant very recently, and they are starting to sprout. It is very exciting to see this phase in a plant life! I think you have to agree with me on this. Haha. 😂


Hmmm, what else? Oh, I remember. We had harvested our American lime for the first time. But do you know who was the recipient of the much-awaited first fruit? It was a guest who visited for the first time. Because of the extensive travel they had, they caught a cold when they got here. To extend our hospitality, we (wholeheartedly!) offered our lime to make lime water for them. Of course, they readily agreed. We can only imagine that it was good.


The tomatoes are also starting to bear fruits. And the cute little yellow flowers is a delightful sight!





Of all our vegetables and fruits in the garden, I think I love our papaya most. What can I do, it tastes so good! We can either pick it up a little early so that it is sweet but crunchy, or a little later to be sweet and soft all throughout.


We have three of its kind now (but we think that another kind is growing).

Fortunately, all the three of them are sweet. But the smallest one, which doesn't change its skin color even if it ripe, is the sweetest.


Each kind has its own characteristic. The largest needs to be taken off even if it doesn't change color much because it easily rottens on the tree, while the middle size should be taken a little later from the tree, because even if it is yellow all around, when you open it, it still not that ripe. And the smallest one, doesn't change color at all! Can you imagine that? When you see spots all over its skin, it means that it is already ripe. Interesting, right? We find it interesting too! You need to pay attention to its characteristic in order to reap the sweetest of them!

Oh well, I think I have blabbered enough about our papaya. Hahaha. 😂ðŸĪŠðŸ˜

Winged Bean


We had been harvesting our winged bean and enjoying it almost every breakfast.


It goes well with different vegetables, or we can cook it on its own.



I still believe that our okra is the champion. It never stops to give us its produce day after day.




Our oregano is most helpful in this rainy season. When our guests were nursing a cold, we made oregano tea for them almost everyday.

We have a plenty in our garden, so we give a lot to friends who have colds. What a feeling it is when we could give friends something from your garden! Truly, there is "more happiness in giving than in receiving."

Well, this has been my entry for the Garden Journal for November, hosted by @simplymike.

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day.