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The holy justice

The Justice is one of the attributes of God that in my opinion often clashes with our mentality, because many times we do not understand the things that God does, we are observing the present without remembering that he has the complete temporal plane. But God, in his omniscience he knows what decisions to make so that his will is fulfilled without the need to contradict himself. His justice is present in the life of man, no matter how much he does not want to believe in his existence or ignores his influence.

His justice shines and brings order, despite the fact that many call it cruel and want to provide pseudo-pacifist solutions that rather support evil and conceal the infamous acts justifying them with humanism. His holy and blessed will is good and perfect, that is what we must seek. Beloved brothers, let us lead by example, there will be no change in our area of impact if we do not give the practical example of what we preach.

Do not despair and be full of envy when we see the unjust grow based on corrupt businesses that affect the innocent, because as this verse says, he defends the oppressed, but neither do we remain silent in the face of evil and proclaim the truth that will bring freedom.

In spanish:

La justicia es uno de los atributos de Dios que en mi opinión muchas veces choca con nuestra mentalidad, pues muchas veces no entendemos las cosas que Dios hace, nos quedamos observando el presente sin recordar que él tiene el plano temporal completo. Pero Dios, en su omnisciencia sabe que decisiones tomar para que su voluntad se cumpla sin necesidad de contradecirse. Su justicia se hace presente en la vida del hombre, por mucho que no desee creer en su existencia o que ignore su influencia.

Su justicia brilla y trae orden, a pesar de que muchos lo tilden de cruel y quieran aportar soluciones pseudo pacifistas que más bien apoyan la maldad y encubren los actos infames justificándolos con humanismo.

Su santa y bendita voluntad es buena agradable y perfecta, esa es la que debemos procurar. Amados hermanos prediquemos con el ejemplo, no habrá un cambio en nuestra área de impacto si no damos el ejemplo práctico de lo que predicamos. No nos desesperemos y llenemos de envidia cuando veamos al injusto crecer a base de negocios corruptos que afectan a inocentes, pues como lo dice este verso, el defiende a los oprimidos, pero tampoco nos quedemos callados ante la maldad y proclamemos la verdad que es la que trae libertad.

Thanks for read this post. This is my 2# entry publish in Steemit, but is my 3# participation in the goldencenser challenge, and thanks to @maxdevalue and all team who made GoldenCenser challenge possible. i hope your spirit has been built, blessings!

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