Theft in progress - Report to your local police - HF 0.23.0

Andrew (@apshamilton) from @jpbliberty has drawn up three documents relating to the imminent theft of property from the original witnesses and large investors in Steem. Amplify this message on Twitter

This first document is a template for contacting your local law enforcement to inform them that your property is being stolen. Those of you directly affected by this code change should consider doing this. Even if your local police are unlikely to know what's going on, they will have to record this report officially and you will have it to refer to later.

We will follow shortly this with the letters that have been sent to exchanges and witnesses on Steem.

Template for contacting local law enforcement

[Your local police crime reporting]

Dear Sir/Madam

URGENT: Crime in Progress - Theft of $5M in Crypto Assets

I would like to report a crime in progress: theft of $X worth of Steem cryptocurrency belonging to [me/ my company [details].

I am one of 66 cryptocurrency investors whose assets are about to be expropriated by a number of persons (list and contact details attached) acting under the instructions of Justin Sun (photo and details attached).

The method of this theft is a proposed change in cryptocurrency blockchain operating code of the Steem blockchain (hard fork 0.23) scheduled in less than 24 hours.

The nature of this hard fork, which has just become public in the last few hours, is to involuntarily transfer the Steem cryptocurrency holdings of 66 Steem account holders (23.6M Steem ~= US$5M) to a new Steem account called @community321.

Details of the code of this planned theft are at:

A list of the accounts being expropriated and the amounts involved are at:

It is completely unprecedented for the persons controlling a cryptocurrency blockchain to change the computer code of the blockchain to involuntarily transfer cryptocurrency assets from one person to another, (except in the case of proven fraud, which is not the situation here).

This hard fork 0.23 is theft, plain and simple, and may well also be securities fraud.

Please investigate and take steps to prevent this crime.

I can be contacted at ….

yours faithfully

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If you're directly affected by the Steem HF23 theft, report it to your local law enforcement. Here's a template from @JpbLiberty for how to do that. /1

— Dr (@brianoflondon) May 19, 2020

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