Butterfly Day - Yellow Theme

Here's a yellow insect theme for this #butterflyday by @whatisnew
First off there is this fancy tiger swallowtail on some echinacea. They are pretty easy to photograph when they are pigging out.
One more fancy swallowtail. Here it is on its complementary color purple.
Here is a nice big argiope. Who knows if its web might catch the swallowtail later on lol.
A yellow themed insect post wouldn't be complete without a bumblebee. I have no idea why it was crawling on this dry seed pod, apparently they have poor eyesight.
Next up we have some swarms of yellow aphids. I see these guys in various colors, some are red, others green, and then there's black ones that ants milk.
Here's a wooley bear moth that was on my balcony.
This monarch caterpillar has nice yellow stripes.
Another swallowtail, I got this shot up in the mountains of Arizona.
Here's a yellow and black attack. Just don't annoy them and they won't sting.
This is a bold color of yellow. I believe this is an American Dagger Moth. They turn into a plain gray moth.
Here it is on some blacktop. I bet it thinks it is a Caterpillar tractor, its basically the same color.
I have no idea what these dangerous looking yellow insects are, they are definitely poisonous lol. Beware the fluffy spines!!! Happy #butterflyday