Seeing a Spider is nothing, The problem is when it Disappears

Seeing a spider is nothing, the problem is when it Disappears🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷

This time it was on Button Rose plant. A new guest or a contender for the existing bugs was here on the button Rose plant today.
He was new for the camera as this was the first time I'm clicking a bigger spider which is aggressive and dark. Little scary but definitely a Jumping spider


I was using my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 with prosumer macro lens to capture some tiny bugs and here he was in for surprises. The photos were edited on smartphone android app photoshop Express.

So here were interesting factor about the Spider as, why I call it aggressive.
When I found it at first sight I moved my smartphone closer to focus on it, and the spider wanted to go away from something approaching it. After 2-3min it started coming out to the edges of leaves where it could get closer to camera. That's when all the photographs got focused and were good.

He was trying to scare me ? I felt so, coz whichever side I move my camera, he was coming right in front of the macro lens. And at one point I was few inches away from the spider and it jumped on the lens and was crawling on smartphone.

This was the click just seconds before he jumped on the macro lens


Like others spiders I captured, i was not sure if this would be friendly or scared to stay closer to my skin. I was really concerned about the size of spider, which is quite bigger than previous spiders. It can bite right on my finger forearms anything that is softer for him.
That's when I took my smartphone closer to the button Rose plant and blew air, a little forceful, and he jumped back on the rose plant. And now he started running and hiding from me

Rest of the photographs I clicked



I love this position stretching his legs on two leaves and floating in centre

An accidental focus on his legs.

Most of the times macro photographs I take are all auto focused. The selective focus on smartphone is not super responsive when you are trying macros





So these are for today 😊

Stay safe and enjoy the nature
Have a wonderful day all