Yes, there's one but so far it doesn't infect me. If you ask me it's about time and it should be done way earlier. Earlier is at the time it all started in Italy. The coronavirus spread fast through Europe.
I have friends living in Europe and noticed some things.


It's one of the last European countries is way faster with a lockdown as other European countries, same with closing the schools.
They already decided last Friday together with the message it's not a matter of weeks but months.
First case: March 3 (?)
Sick: 39
Cured: 1
Died: 1
Tested: 1436
Quarantined: 136
(the site mentions it all including the latest news)

The first two patients came from Iran and more from Iran followed but also someone who stayed in Italy.
Two Iranian patients did ignore the quarantaine and?

First case: Januar
Sick: 1,000+
Cured: ?
Tested: ?
Quarantined: ?
This info can be found? I asked my friend living in Belgium.

The first patient was Belgian and returned from China together with 8 other people from Belgium and 15 Dutch people. They said it was tested positive but not ill the rest negative (?)

Belgium decided to close the schools on March 12 till April 3rd. The Eastern holidays will start after that date.


The Netherlands
First case: February 27 (or a week earlier?)
Sick: 1413
Cured: ?
Died: 24
Tested: ?
Quarantined: ?
After one week The Netherlands had 111 known people infected with the virus. After two weeks 840 (Hungary has only 39 after two weeks!)

The first patient lives close to the Belgium border, probably came from Italy and celebrated Carnaval at different places.

It's said the real amount of infected people is over 6k.
Already one week ago The Netherlands was in the Top 10 of most infected countries in the world.
People are no longer tested only in case of need, mainly if they are hospitalized. 70+ is not welcome in the hospital. If it comes to this you are old but you are young enough to work till 72 before you can retire.

The Dutch government took it's time to decide to close the schools.
They fought about it. In Germany, the lockdown is a fact and everything is closed but in the Netherlands, we can party on as long as we don't stick together with more than 100 people.

The prime minister wants schools/teachers to babysit so the parents can go to work.


Will we beat this virus?

Sooner or later it will disappear or mutate. A part of the population will die but I doubt people really care. I hear too frequently they are just old people and in the meanwhile, they fight about toilet paper.
The fact is it's not just old people who will get this disease. The young ones get it too, fill the hospital bed and seem to spread it. Those who say they won't get it so why care about others?

Will it infects me?
Not for the next months, it will only save me money, time and is good for more sleep. I don't need to be anywhere and live far away from other people. Next week I will check the shops if I need anything. Perhaps I find them empty or closed. Everything I would buy now is extra or luxury.

I am glad the lockdown is a fact.

Perhaps Schengen will be back once. Might be this is the end of the EU. For sure this virus will change what the EU governments didn't manage "caring about ourselves first", build a new economy like we did after the second world war.
Who knows we'll finally find time to spend with our family, pet and have the me-time and time to realize what really counts.

source I am not sure if the maps shown are updated.

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