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In a gruff voice, sounding like he had tobacco stuck in his throat, Tony 2toes growled at the Squirrel.

"I'm not going to ask you again Sneaky Sam"!

"But I don't, I never. I never ever would steal from you Turkeys...I mean gentlemens..."

"Oh come on Sneaky Sam, you know we saw you with it and if you don't hand it over right now, that little hole that you're digging there, will be the last hole you ever crawl into you got it?" Said Terry Toenails.in an even more menacing voice.

"Now you just hand it over, real slow cause we're watching you like hawk,* he threatened with his beady eyes burning into Sneak Sam's back. You got it Squirrel?"

But Fellas, I don't know what you're talking about! I don't! I really, really don't Tony. Terry. Please have mercy on me. Think of my wife Sarah.*

*"Oh yeah, don't you worry your fluffy little tail about **her *fluffy little tail Sneaky Sam Squirrel, we've already been thinking about her" said Tony 2Toes with a wicked grin on his sharp, beaky looking face."

Sneaky Sam looked up at them his face white as a ghost before he hurriedly looked own to the ground again, trying to decide what to do.
"Honestly, now please just let me go.., PUHLEASE....I haven't done anything."

"Yeah Sneaky Sam, that exactly the problem. You haven't done anything. You haven't given us what we want, so keep digging Squirrel. Keep digging your own grave Sneaky Sam."*

"No more chances for you" said Terry Toenails as he gobbled down the his second last nut, waiting for Sneaky Sam to fess up and give him back his last Nut.😳


Gregory the squirrel was happy, relaxing in a tree trunk, overlooking all the cool spots he chose to bury all those sweet nuts. He was almost falling asleep, when he heard the rustling of leaves; and as he looked in the direction of the sound... his heart sunk.
Gregory rushed down from the trees.
Maybe if they see me running so fast in their direction they'll run off. He thought. And so he did. He ran as fast as he could, sprinting back and forth and in circles, causing the leaves to fly in every direction.
But no luck. The two huge birds kept searching relentlessly for the nuts.
As Gregory stopped to recover his breath, near the birds, the couple smiled briefly to each other, as this scene wasn't new to them.
Honey, shouldn't we tell him that turkeys are not nut eaters?
The answer came swiftly:
Nahhh... I like to see them run! 😂 😂


Tamara and Timothy had been so sad for so long it was strange to finally have a smile on their faces again.

"We have got to be the luckiest turkeys in the world, who would have ever believed this could ever happen to us." Tamara could hardly even say the words she was smiling so broadly.

"Oh it's been a long road, for sure it has". Timothy let out a deep sigh as he said the words. "I felt so deflated for so long, the depression was eating me up from the inside. I felt so appalling that I couldn't give you the one thing you wanted most in the whole world".

"Oh sweetheart, I never blamed you, not even for an instant. You are my soulmate". Tears came unbidden and welled up in the corner of her eyes for a second, then as quickly as they had came, they were gone. "There could never, would never be anyone else for me. Yes we were missing that last piece of the puzzle to make our life perfect but I would've traded that to stay with you forever, honestly I would!"

"Look at us getting all upset about things that might have been." Timothy laughed. "We should be dancing for joy, this is the greatest day of our lives".

Tamara nestled her head in Timothy's wing contentedly, she was so happy she felt like she could burst at any moment.

They both smiled as they gazed lovingly at their new foster Son Sammy, they knew life would get better and better for them and would certainly never be the same again, in the best way possible.

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