Canadian Geese in Flight

Here are a few flying Canadian geese by the lake.
Honk honk honk, they kick up a bunch of noise as they descend into the grassy area by the lake.
Towards the evening is the best time to catch these guys incoming. I suspect they like to sleep in the bushes near this lake.
Multiple groups often fly in. The geese on the ground start honking loudly at the ones in the air. They are probably yelling "come join the fun over here guys".
Here's a big group on the grass. They love grazing nonstop on grass. The only problem is you have to watch where you step, goose poop everywhere.
Here's a few more incoming. You can see their mouths open from honking.
The guy on top looks to be in the slipstream of the one on the bottom. I wonder if any of these geese are from the two families that grew up near the lake?