Double Living

Keith Daniel said: compromising Christianity undermines the effect of the Gospel. And Harry Ironside also said: If lips and life do not agree,the testimony will not amount to Much

Under the mosaic law,Jews were not allowed to eat with non-Jews. Peter earlier had run into trouble for eating with non-Jewish people. In Act 11, he took time to explain what led to the incidence and how the Gentiles had received the word of God. Yet, he is found leading a double life.

When peter arrived antioch, he ate with the non-Jewish people. But when some Jews sent by James came to Antioch, peter stopped eating with the non-jewish people and separated himself from the Gentiles. He did this because he feared the Jewish men who believed all non-Jews must be circumcised.

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It is so easy to put up with deceit because one is a public figure and wants to protect his or her reputation. However, Paul would have none of that hypocrisy. He openly rebuked peter for not walking uprightly according to the truth of the Gospel. leaders and believers alike are to lead exemplary lives. There should be no distinction between our public lives; You should be a Christian when in fellowship with other believers and still be the same person when the brethren are not with/around you. No double Living. Integrity is a great virtue to which all believers should posses, why deceive yourself in the name of protecting your image before men.

Living a double life brings shame at the end of everything. It makes men loose trust in who you are , judging from your insincerity. Living a double life may looks beautiful from the start but it product is bitter, one keep piling up lies to cover up for lies.

From the above illustration, we realised peter out of fear withdrew from the non-Jewish people. This shows the major reason why people tend to live double life is the fear of what people may say over the truth or fear of loosing ones reputation which has been build on the bedrock of lies. To be a man of integrity , one ought kill rejection and fears. People may speak bad against your sincerity but in the end, it comes with a glorious price of honour and a good name.