Softfork 222

My position on the soft fork. After countless hours of discussions and debates, majority of the witnesses and community influencers agreed on this soft update! Here is where I stand:


When it comes to not accepting voting operations, it was quite easy decision personally, given that stake was promised to not used for influencing governance of Steem. But it was uneasy decision to agree on transfer and powerdown operations. I raised my concerns and discussed potential outcomes that might affect Steem. Right now some of you might also be having similar concerns, if this might happen to some other accounts in future or not. I can assure you that, nobody in top witnesses takes this lightly.

Steemit Inc. case was very unique because ninja-mined stake promised to be used for development of the Steem. And there is a chance that new owner of Steemit Inc. might not respect that promise.

This is temporary solution to get Tron foundation or Justin onboard to talk about some of these concerns. After which community and witnesses could decide further steps and continue building best products and internet for all of us.

Please, let me know if you have any questions and will do what I can to answer them.

Together, we build the future!

Steem on!

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