Dear Justin Sun


Dear Justin Sun,

to answer your questions (some you've asked, some not):

1.) No, I don't want to fuck you. And I don't have anything against you. I was excited when the rumours started about an acquisition of Steemit Inc by Justin Sun . But this excitement rapidly went away in favour of mistrust and anger.

2.) No, I have no interest in taking your stake from you.

I supported the protective softfork and wouldn't change anything in my actions, because I (and many others) saw a huge threat in the PR you've pushed out after the Steemit Inc accusation (Old Steem token to be deprecated and moved over to Tron).

Also, I believe the stake has strings attached and isn't "just any other stake". You didn't buy it over the counter, you made a backroom deal with Ned Scott for the stake his company mined unfairly.

But I also see things as they are, and we, the community, can't really do anything about the stake anymore, without hard forking it out, which I will not support on this chain id.

So personally, I'm in acceptance that you own the stake now on Steem, but this does not mean I won't speak up, when I see you misusing it.

Also, I've been running the old 22.1 version for a week now (roughly).

3.) Yes, I dislike @ned and I'm very glad that this spineless liar isn't part of Steem anymore. (PS: @ned, if you read this)

4.) Yes, I condemn your actions of voting in 20 of your own witnesses, in which you basically fucked over the community and showed that Steem has huge centralisation flaws with the Steemit Inc stake. And no, just because there are a handful of people voting for your witness, does NOT mean the community is supporting you. 6800+ accounts are voting for me and I'm not even an OG witness. Your witnesses have roughly 100 votes.

5.) I will not participate in removing any public code, as even if we'd do that, what prevents us from creating private repositories or sharing the code privately some other way? You either trust the community, or you don't.

6.) I'm disgusted by your constant spread of fake news on Twitter, as well as your misuse of the SteemNetwork & Steemit twitter accounts by attacking the community who build up Steem over the last years.

7.) You should get more in touch with Steem first, before you publish & pledge massive changes. I've been here for 2 1/2 years and many even longer, so we've got some experience on hand regarding Steem. And "just changing" powerdown to 3 days or removing downvotes will have MASSIVE consequences.

8.) I'm not a hacker or malicious and I expect to have a formal apology somewhere along the near road. Same probably goes for each and every one of the other witnesses & stakeholders you accused of such.

9.) If you continue the hostile takeover, I fear that you'll push the community, who brought value to Steem, even further.

And let's not forget that Tron isn't the only SmartContract platform. Maybe for the project I'm working on, I'll just use EOS or Ethereum or Cosmos or a completely newchain, instead of potentially Tron + Steem.

The same could easily be said for many, many other apps built by those in the community, you're attacking as well as those countless others who are watching from afar. If a hostile takeover like this can happen on Steem, why not on Tron?

Now, I've made my chess-move. Please don't mess this up even further.


Former Rightfully Elected Consensus Witness

Do you believe that my work & engagement is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.