I have no idea what I was on about when I wrote this. I don't know what I do with my writings most of the time anyway.

I hope it finds you well.


Lie with me.

I watched wide-eyed as she walked slowly towards the bed. She sat, removed her three inches heels, then turned towards me, smirking.

Come here.

I watched her finger move back and forth as she beckoned to me. There was light in her eyes, a tiny glint in the middle. I couldn’t stop looking at them. Her eyes were what drew me to her. That endless brown pools that looked like they would spill any moment, yet so clear and bright. Now, they held me captive. I moved one foot and stopped, unsure.


She smiled, wider this time. I walked towards her. I could see the outline of her breasts on her light cotton dress, the nipples jutting out, making a little strain on the fabric. My fingers itched. She must have seen my intent in my eyes for she chuckled.

First things first. Hungry?

Without waiting for an answer, she got up and marched to a refrigerator at the far end of the room, beside the mirror. I wondered briefly at the odd position but was distracted by the slow movement of her buttocks beneath the short gown. Clenching my fingers, I fought back the urge to grab her. I already knew what I would do to her when I finally got her naked and writhing.


She glanced back and winked at me before opening the door of the refrigerator. The inside was stocked with meat. That was my first thought before I saw the long bones, then the skulls. Bottles filled with red liquids were lined side by side. I opened my mouth but couldn’t make a sound.

Now, where were we?

Those were the last words I heard before her face changed. There was a sharp pain on my neck. I wasn’t sure what it was for everything went blank afterwards.

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