Spilled Thoughts

This here is just bits and pieces of my jumbled thoughts. I couldn't seem to get a grab of one so I split them into three, all different but kind of connected. Don't make so much out of them. Even I do not fully understand.

Do read.


I want to dream
Of places and beauty,
People and smiles.
I want to see
The warmth of happiness
Seep deep within me
Like cool water over a dry throat
And fresh breeze over a flushed face.
I remember your strong hands
Moving in gentle purses
Over my warm skin.
Your quiet whispers
Washing over my ears,
Making me smile.
I want to feel,
But I’m only a girl
Pining after a lost love,
Basking in her aloneness.

You hear them talking,
That’s how it began,
Like little voices in your head
Whispering fervently
Like a mantis
Saying a prayer.
You try to grasp;
But fail to reach it
No matter how hard you try.
So you learn to accept it.
The you that isn’t you,
Staring at you in the mirror
With so much sadness.

Do you know the meaning of misery?
Have you seen the face of pain?
The little cold fingers of despair
Crawling round and round
In your stomach,
In endless, silent communication.
Should I tell you what it means
To be hopeless?
To see the dark shadows of death
Moving slowly towards you?
Maybe if you have,
You'd understand the moanings
Of the depressed.
And the crys of the anguished.
Do you want me
To spell it out to you?

Tell me your thoughts.

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